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05 October 2010 @ 07:21 pm
After School  
Title: After School
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jun/Ohno/Aiba, Sho/Nino, (mention of Sho/Ohno)
Disclaimer: I guess Johnny’s technically owns Arashi, huh? Not me.
Summary: For this contest at arashi_kinks (it's been posted on that community already). Actually, I won, even though there were only two entries...

(A/N: Just in case, sempai translates as senior and kohai as junior.)

There were only three members in art club: Ohno Satoshi, the student supervisor and president, Aiba Masaki, vice president, but only because he was older than the last member, Matsumoto Jun.

Now, this wasn’t because of a lack of student body, not really. It was because an unusually high percent of the all-male student population at this particular high school had a tendency to choose the more popular sports clubs, such as basketball, baseball, track and field, etc. If you were outside or at least somewhat visible in the gym, the neighboring girls might stop by to watch, or you could at least catch sight of the young student teacher as she ran around the entrance on errands from the principal.

But the art club didn’t care about girls, and Sakurai Sho really didn’t either. He had wanted to be a member of the art club once, but he had been laughed at too many times for his drawings (even though Ohno had told him, with a smile, that something like that didn’t matter), and so he had picked a safe but still prestigious after school activity: the school newsletter. They had a few more members than the art club, but that was only because it was in an easy access first floor classroom, rather than back in the corner on the third floor, where it would take an extra five minutes to leave when the time had come.

Ohno had volunteered to take responsibility for the art club at the beginning of the year, only because otherwise it would have disappeared, and he would rather spend his time doodling on a piece of paper rather than forcing out an article about something that didn’t matter for the school newspaper.

Because of his decision, Ohno had been required to represent the club in the school entrance ceremony (although he hadn’t actually said anything to promote it during that time), and Aiba and Jun had shown up for the first meeting while Sho himself was still trying to decide what to do.

Jun had joined the club because he had a vague interest in photography, but his core reason was similar to Ohno’s. If he had to put the time into an after school activity, better something unsupervised and with more freedom than sports or writing.

Aiba’s reason was much simpler. He joined because he liked Ohno-sempai. He said so unabashedly when Sho asked him, in the process of still trying to make a decision for himself.

And Sho’s reason for wanting to join was the same as Aiba’s. He liked Ohno-sempai too, although he guessed that his feelings weren’t as platonic as his kohai’s.

But writing was more in his field than art was, and so in the end he had chosen to spend his time proof-reading articles about lost sports events, cafeteria food, and the occasionally intellectual piece regarding life after graduation. And although he had recently begun to rethink his decision, now that the first term was coming to a close, Ohno wasn’t enough of a lure to make him switch. After all, if he moved up to the third floor he’d hardly ever get to see his other crush, the stringy first year Ninomiya, who practiced Table Tennis in the gym and would walk by the newsletter room occasionally to use the bathroom, stopping to tease Sho about working too hard. At least how it was currently, Sho would see Ohno in class and Nino after school. It seemed like a good balance, enough that he didn’t have to worry about getting into a situation where he did something… unprofessional.

Today, though, he was headed upstairs. Not to make a rash decision and ask Ohno to allow him to join despite his lateness, but because he had finally gotten approval to write an article about the little known club from the newspaper supervisor.

It was the first time to be back in the art room, at least outside of class, since he’d shyly told Ohno that he’d decided not to join after all. The older boy had smiled, but his eyes had crinkled closed so Sho had never been sure if he had been sincere or not (he could never read his friend’s expressions anyway) and they had kept their relations to lunch and in the hall between subjects. Sho had recently built up the courage to ask the club president what his plans were after graduation, so maybe he could slip that question into the interview today.

Of course the entire third floor was empty. They didn’t use the third floor much, actually, and one entire side was made up of abandoned classrooms. Sho could hear his own footsteps as he shuffled down the hallway.

Before opening the old sliding door to the art room, he stopped and took a big breath, his notebook in one hand and a pencil in the other. He had no reason to be nervous, even if he had gently rejected the older boy a few months ago…even if he was anxious to see exactly how close the three members were now that they had spent so much time together, probably making fun of each other, Aiba undoubtedly drawing lewd stick figures and Jun leisurely messing with his camera in the corner while Ohno drew a quick sketch of the two of them. Sho might have been a little jealous, but he had made his decision, the most logical one, and, he reminded himself, he wouldn’t be able to see Nino hardly at all if he joined the art club.

Pulling himself together, the journalist finally began to slide the door open, only to find that it didn’t budge more than an inch.

He tried to pull it harder, but he could already tell it was jammed, something blocking the treads on the inside of the room and preventing the door from going any farther. Opening his mouth to call out to someone to let him in (the lights were on after all, so they had probably just jammed the door purposely because they were doing something they weren’t supposed to), he saw what was going on first and froze.

Jun was sitting in one of the small wooden chairs that dotted the school, his arms around Ohno’s hips while the older boy sat on his lap. Aiba-chan, as the boy was endearingly called by almost everyone in the school, was on his knees in front of them, and Sho was already imagining what they were doing before his brain processed what he was seeing.

In order to make out the dialogue, Sho leaned closer, pressing his eye against the inch opening to stare at something that certainly shouldn’t be happening at school.

“How’s that, Ohno-sempai?” Aiba asked. “Does it feel good?”

“It feels good, Aiba-chan,” Ohno replied without hesitation, although his voice would barely loud enough to be heard, and his hand was on the back of the other boy’s head, moving with it as the bobbing actions continued.

As Sho’s brain adjusted, deciding to watch now and think about the hard stuff later, like the fact that they shouldn’t be doing something like this at school, and they were all boys and whatnot, he began to notice more details, like the fact that Ohno’s pants had been lost somewhere and Jun’s hands were pushing up the bottom of his shirt.

“I can fuck you today, right?” Aiba mumbled desperately as his mouth graced the tip of the cock in his hands. “If I do this I can fuck you, right?”

Ohno let out a gasp, running his hands through the boy’s hair as their eyes met.

“Jun got to do it last time, so I can today, right?” the younger student asked hurriedly, running his tongue down the length of the erection after he finished, and Sho dropped his notebook on the floor.

He backed away from the door and looked down at the offended item, which had really only made a light swooshing sound as it fell.

A second passed and no one came to the door. In fact, Sho could hear another muffled moan from inside the room.

There were two choices right now. Walk back down the hallway and pretend that he hadn’t seen anything, or continue to watch and then walk back down the hallway and pretend that he hadn’t seen anything.

The second choice was the obvious one, even to Sho’s half working brain.

He pressed back up to the door just as Jun was standing with Ohno still tucked against his chest, Aiba digging into his bag for something a few feet away. The youngest of the students ran his hands over the bared ass, then guided Ohno to bend over the desk in front of him, exposing him even more to the three pairs of eyes watching.

Fuck. It was pure white, even though his arms and neck were brown and burnt from being outside too long. Smooth and delicious and perfect. Sho felt his knees giving out underneath him.

Jun knelt down and pressed his lips gently to that perfect ass, sucking on the pale skin lightly and kneading the muscles with both hands while Ohno began to mumble for Aiba to hurry.

“I can’t find it! God damn it…!” Aiba cursed, his movements becoming more desperate and even more uncoordinated the longer it took. “Nino found it earlier…” he explained, trailing off and acting generally oblivious to the other student taking advantage of the older boy by himself.

Ohno moaned as his ass cheeks were spread and Jun began teasing him with his tongue, lowering his head to try to find something to keep him stable, but the desk was too small, so it just ducked up and down with Jun’s own timing.

“He must have taken it!” the last art member declared upsetly, dumping the contents of his bag out on the floor in order to find what he was looking for. Jun had smirked at Aiba, who was kneeling over his pile of stuff, before leisurely leaning over to where the school painting supplies were organized against the wall and selecting one of the larger brushes.

“Ohno-sempai,” he said in a breathy tone, “spread your legs a little more.”

Ohno did as he was told, hanging onto the desk desperately for support, and then audibly gasped for breath as the brush ran down the inside of his thigh. There was a bright red spot forming from Jun’s earlier ministrations on his ass, and Jun kissed it as his teasing instrument worked its way to tickle the underside of his balls next. As the tip of the brush fell down the shaft of his cock, the club president muffled a moan and Jun’s grin widened.

After rifling through the items, Aiba pathetically crawled over to face Ohno, taking his face in his hands and kissing him gently, although there was a frown on his lips.

“Ohno-sempai, I don’t have a condom,” he complained, even as the older boy tried frantically to pull him into a deeper kiss.

“There’s one in my bag,” Jun offered with a smirk, softly brushing the cock’s swollen head next and moving his lips down Ohno’s thigh.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Aiba complained, immediately pulling away to reach for the other boy’s bag, even though Ohno tried to keep him close instead.

“You didn’t ask,” Jun sagely responded, dipping his fingers inside of his own mouth and starting to work at his sempai’s ass again. Sho could see his classmate’s lips part in what he could only assume was pleasure, and he began to push back avidly, begging for something more.

Jun smirked again and Ohno tensed, letting out a surprised gasp.

“Relax, Ohno-sempai, or it won’t go in as easily,” the youngest member mumbled with a grin and Sho had the undeniable urge to chide his kohai for using school supplies in such a way. He could be using that brush tomorrow for the love of-

Sho, unsure whether that thought made him disgusted or aroused, cleared his mind and watched as Jun slowly worked the handle of the paint brush inside of Ohno. Although the spy was sure something like that should be uncomfortable, the student spread out in front of Jun was only whining and opening his legs more to accommodate the item.

“Please… Jun…” he gasped as the younger boy began moving the brush back and forth in a thrusting motion, forcing the desk underneath Ohno to skid a little bit, and Sho found that his free hand had slowly slid to the front of his pants of his own accord. He was hard and although he was mostly distracted, the intelligent senior had made the connection that if these guys were doing something as raunchy as this on the third floor that he could surely discreetly release himself, even if it was inside of his pants.

“Whatcha doin’?”

Sho dropped his pencil this time and spun around at the soft voice in his ear.

Nino’s face was only a few inches from his own and he was grinning playfully.

Immediately Sho went into auto-drive and forced a smile, his hands flying away from anywhere close to his lower half, and pushed back the younger boy in order to pick up his notebook and pencil. Pretending he hadn’t really been doing anything important (because he didn’t know how much his friend had seen), he pulled Nino down the hallway with him, away from the art room.

“What’re you doing up here?” Sho asked distractedly, trying to calm himself down and think of his next plan of action while preoccupying his kohai with talking.

“I decided to quit playing table tennis. It’s too boring, you know? And Aiba said if I joined art club I could just sit around and play my DS if I wanted to.”

Sho nodded at the short explanation, not even noticing how hard he was gripping onto his friend’s arm or that the younger boy had started to resist following him.

“What’re you doing here?” Nino blankly countered, finally bringing the both of them to a complete stop and forcing Sho to turn around and look at him.

Trying to come up with a reasonable excuse quickly, he immediately skipped over his real reason. Nino would obvious ask why he wasn’t with the others right now, and Sho didn’t have any notes to prove that he had done the interview already, plus, Nino would just turn around and head that way anyway. He had to do something to keep the other boy from entering the art room.

“Did something happen?” came the next question, in a lower tone, and Nino advanced on him, making Sho back up a foot automatically in concern.

“N-no,” he responded, but Sho knew better than anyone how bad he was at lying and that he had probably already been seen through by his perceptive kohai.

“You have an erection,” Nino pointed out, then followed up by obviously groping him. Before the writer could push the hand away he had already dropped his stuff, let out a gasp, and backed into the wall. With another grin, this time one of a trouble-maker, the younger boy pulled Sho by the hand back where he had come from, Sho already weak from the scene in the art room and then Nino’s bold actions to resist.

All he did was look away, his notebook and pencil left behind, as his friend noiselessly pressed his eye to the door.


The curse word was barely heard and Nino had backed away just as silently, although a badly muffled cry of Ohno’s sounded through the crack in the door.

“They’re…?” he asked slowly, unconsciously pressing his body against Sho’s and looking at the ground. The taller student snuck a glance at him and tried to figure out what he was supposed to do now. He shouldn’t have let Nino seen anything in the first place.

After a tense moment of silence and Sho only barely realizing that Nino was pressing his hips into his side in a more than friendly way, the mischievous one suddenly smirked and suggested, “We’re going to watch, right?”

Sho looked down at him with a somewhat shocked expression, but Nino ran his hands lightly over his chest and smirked. “That’s what you were doing until just a minute ago, right?”

It was the truth and if asked, Sho would have to admit that he wanted to continue, so he didn’t stop Nino from leading him back over to the door and turning him to face it. He pushed Sho so that he was bent over, and then leaned heavily against his back to get his own view.

Aiba had obviously found the condom and had taken Jun’s place behind Ohno, fucking him slowly but still in the initial stage of finding the right position to keep his stance and not make the tiny desk fall over with the power of his thrusts. Jun was in front of Ohno, kissing him lightly and running his hands through his hair while the older boy was desperately trying to deepen the kiss, his tongue running sloppily over Jun’s lips.

“Can I…?” the photographer asked slowly, dropping his thumb from Ohno’s forehead to slip into his open mouth.

“Y-yeah,” he replied, then whimpered and closed his eyes as Aiba’s thrusts became consistent. “It’s… fine.”

Jun stood and quickly undid his belt with practiced movements, then unbuttoned his plaid school pants, freeing his own erection and guiding it towards Ohno with one hand while the other held the older boy’s head tightly.

“F-fuck…” Nino breathed only loud enough for Sho to hear him, and the erection pushed into his lower back was quite obvious, especially with the way Nino’s hips had begun to move on their own. But that wasn’t enough to completely remove Sho’s attention from the way Ohno’s wet lips opened wide, his tongue flicking across the head of Jun’s cock before allowing the shaft to slowly slide forward.

He was going to come in his pants, with this visual over stimulation and Nino egging him on, but spending the rest of the afternoon with a mess down there was more than worth the intense orgasm Sho could feel building up.

“Ohno-sempai… is so tight,” Aiba mumbled as he slid in and out, licking his lips as he continued, and Jun was already pumping his own cock inside of the older boy’s mouth.

“You like it, don’t you?” Jun asked, looking down at Ohno with a sadistic smirk. “You like it when we both do you together.”

Of course he couldn’t answer, but just the idea that Jun’s actions were getting Ohno off even more made Sho physically shiver, and Nino clung onto him harder than before.

After a few seconds, Jun closed his eyes and began to increase his movements, grabbing Ohno’s hair and arched his back while the older boy whimpered.

“Yeah… just a little…more…Wider, Ohno-sempai,” Jun commanded in a tense voice, and then moaned as his words were followed and his entire length was taken in by that sweet mouth.

“Fuck… fuckfuckfuck,” Nino gasped under his breath, and Sho tried to make a mental note to reprimand his kohai for his bad language later, even if his mind was screaming something similar.

“God, you’re mouth is so good,” the youngest art club member gasped, then scrunched up his face and cursed, “Shit, I’m going to come already-“

Following his words, Jun’s body tensed up and his movements became shallower, forcing his cock back as far as it would go and mumbling his satisfaction in a string of incoherent words. Ohno’s complacent expression didn’t change as Jun slid out a second later, letting some of the cum from his leaking cock stick to the older boy’s lips.

“I’m close too… that was so hot, Jun-kun,” Aiba immediately mumbled, his eyes half squeezed shut, breathing heavily from the sexual atmosphere and physical exercise. “Are you close, Ohno-sempai?”

“He is,” Jun said instead, bending down with clouded eyes and smiling drunkenly as he wiped his own semen away from Ohno’s swollen mouth, which was moving along with his heavy breathes.

“Hold out for a second,” the amateur photographer suggested as he fell farther onto the floor, crouching over to fit under the desk. “I’ll make you feel really good.”

Finally able to properly maneuver himself despite his post-orgasm state, Jun managed to fit his lanky body under the tiny table and returned the favor by gently taking Ohno’s cock, already wet, into his hand. He craned his neck forward and began sucking on the erection just as he had the white ass earlier, and it was only a few seconds before the art student was shaking and unconsciously pushing himself off the desk to properly thrust into Jun’s mouth, Aiba grabbing onto his hips violently.

“Ohno-sempai! Oh, fuck!” he gasped, and then let out a long, low moan.

Sho felt Nino suddenly stop moving against him too, but the hard cock was still pressed against his back and there were tiny noises playing in his ear, gasps meant for just the two of them, a tiny whine of oh.

Ohno had come all over Jun’s face and then had slowly slid to the floor as well, wiping some sweat from his temple and trying to catch his breath while Aiba removed the condom and then joined them.

Pulling the club president back against him, Aiba buried his nose in his hair with a smile while Jun was preoccupied with tucking himself back into his pants. “You know, we could do this more. It’s not like anyone comes up here anyway,” the cheerful boy suggested.

“Are you stupid? We’re already taking a risk as it is-“ Jun broke in, distractedly reaching behind him to fumble for something in his bag. He pulled out a packet of tissues and a plastic camera, a retro one that Sho had been impressed with the first time he’d seen it, if only for the fact that it wasn’t digital and that he hadn’t actually been sure manual ones were still in use.

After haphazardly cleaning up, the photographer raised the camera to his eye and took a picture of Aiba holding onto Ohno, pulled back to adjust some knobs, and then took another one.

“Yeah, and you’re any better? Taking those dirty pictures of us?” the affectionate student replied, although he looked anything but offended or put off at his own accusation. In fact, he posed for the next one, bringing Ohno’s face close to his and giving the older boy a kiss on the cheek while they both laughed.

Jun snapped another picture, then replaced his camera and began pushing Ohno’s clothes back over to them.

“I’m going to go buy a coffee from the vending machine out front. You two want anything?”

“Pass me my sketchbook?” Ohno asked sleepily, and Jun did just that before standing and adjusting his school uniform again.

Nino stiffened, realizing the same thing that Sho just had.

They both darted away from the door, looking up and down the hallway for a place to hide.

“Goddamn it, Aiba. You didn’t close this all the way,” Jun’s voice came booming out into the empty hallway, louder than all of the actions before now.

“Yes I did. I made sure I did.”

Taking Nino’s hand, Sho began running towards the stairs, jumping over his notebook and pencil in favor of hiding the two of them. Not knowing what else to do, they ducked into the bathroom, which was closer, as they heard the art room door open sharply.

The bathrooms were mostly out of use, and Sho cursed himself for his bad choice. There probably wasn’t a more obvious hiding spot than right here, and especially if Jun started snooping around they’d be found out right away. Left without much else to do, the writer pushed open the girl’s bathroom, which had been turned into more of a storage area after the school had become boys only.

Luckily, the door only made the barest of sounds as it opened and closed, and once the two of them were inside, breathing heavily but thinking they might be safe, Sho twisted the lock and stumbled over to the sink, trying to calm himself as the reality of what had just happened begun to set in.

He had watched Ohno-sempai get fucked by Aiba-chan and Jun-kun, with Nino as his cohort.


He turned back to Nino, if only for the fact that the younger student’s voice didn’t sound as distressed as it should.

“Fuck me.”

Eyes widening, Sho simply stared at tiny, mousy Ninomiya-kun and concentrated on breathing in and out.

“What?” he asked slowly, when the other boy didn’t say anything else but didn’t approach him either.

“Fuck me. Please.”

Sho swallowed and started to say something like Nino didn’t know what he was asking, that he had just gotten caught up in the moment, but before anything came out the younger boy spoke again.

“I’m not saying this in a we’re both hot and bothered because we watched a threesome together so now I’m willing to give myself to you for the sake of us both getting off way. This is a Sakurai-sempai is hot and if you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to push you down and make you way.”

Unable to move, Sho simply stared at him, his brain processing the crude Nino message into something a little more understandable to the naïve mind. As he watched, the game enthusiast tilted his head down and pulled something from his pocket. Nino held it up with a smirk and offered it to Sho, who didn’t move to take it.

It was a condom.

“I pilfered it from Aiba’s bag. I thought he was just carrying it around to act cool and wanted to see how long it would take for him to notice it was gone,” he explained in a lowered voice, a shimmer of his amusement at the situation visible in his shining eyes. “I guess he needed it after all, though. Oh well. We can put it to use now.”

His resolve progressively breaking down, Sho swallowed, and timidly started, “I don’t know how to…” but trailed off when Nino stalked towards him painfully slowly.

“Yes you do,” the younger boy replied, and his tiny tongue darted out to wet his upper lip. “You just saw Aiba-chan do it, didn’t you?” When he had finally come to stand in front of Sho, he deliberately set the condom on the edge of the sink for easy access. When they were free, his hands immediately dropped to his sempai’s belt and worked at pulling the accessory off, all the while Sho doing nothing else but watching in mild shock, his mouth half open.

Nino turned his head slightly and stared into Sho’s eyes before he covered the last of the space and kissed him.

Continuing to fumble with the button on top of his sempai’s pants now that the belt was taken care of, Nino sighed softly, as if releasing some tension, and then darted his tongue out again, sliding it past Sho’s lips and then shivering slightly when there was a response.

After his bottoms were slid down enough to release his still aching cock to Nino, the mischievous student immediately stroked him once, pushing their mouths tighter together when Sho groaned, and used his other hand to grab onto the side of his head harder than necessary.

As his hands automatically came up to embrace Nino’s hips, Sho made a decision. If he was going to do this he was going to do this properly.

His hands were shaking more than Nino’s were, but he got his friend’s uniform pants down and broke the sloppy kiss in order to push them all the way to his ankles, dropping to his knees in the process. Nino’s hands rested on his shoulders as the smaller student stepped out of bottoms, toeing off his shoes along the way, and when Sho’s attention focused again, he realized exactly what sort of position he’d gotten himself into.

Doing the only thing he could think of, on his knees on the bathroom floor with a half naked Nino showing him his erect cock, the star student parted his lips like he’d seen Ohno do earlier.

“Oh God!” the younger boy cursed, unable to stop himself from thrusting forward after he’d first felt Sho’s mouth, and Sho’s hands had already found their way to the pale hips, his thumbs resting on the arching pelvis while his longer fingers were gracing Nino’s tense ass.

“N-no! Semp-pai!” the younger whined, his eyes squeezed shut. “I can’t come yet! Fuck me! Please fuck me!” he begged, but despite his words, he hadn’t stopped frantically thrusting into his mouth.

But being slightly bigger than Nino and stronger than the hand pushing at the back of his head, Sho managed to release him, the promise of his own pleasure sitting with the other boy’s request.

“I just…” he started to explain, then realized it didn’t matter. “Turn around,” he directed instead, leading Nino with his hands and pushing him up against the sink, where the smaller boy gripped the side of the porcelain bowl, cocking his hips back and ducking his head shyly, trying to catch his breath.

Nino’s ass was just as beautiful as Ohno’s, and Sho could certainly see it in more detail from this angle. It was smooth when his hands ran across it, and there were two dimples on either side from Nino tensely waiting for something to happen. He began massaging the cheeks, like Jun had done to Ohno earlier, and, with that image in his head, Sho pressed his lips to the usually hidden skin, reveling in the intimacy that action held.

A tiny gasp reverberated off of the dirty bathroom walls, followed by a physical shiver when Sho ran the length of his tongue up the curve of one side while his hand cupped the other, his thumb finally fitting into the crevice between the two.

Nino relaxed a little as he felt the older student slowly open him and then whimpered when Sho continued to follow Jun’s example.

“Fuck…! I’m gonna-“ Nino started as he felt Sho’s tongue inside of him, but his words were cut off with a squeaky moan when a finger joined in to prepare him. After only a few seconds of this torture, the smaller boy was collapsed against the sink, writhing, and the condom seemed to deliberately fall to the floor in front of his sock-clad foot.

Somehow jarred out of his personal replay of the scene he’d just witnessed, Sho fell back on his heels and released his hold on Nino, the only visible movement from the younger being his back rising and falling with his deep breaths.

Sho stood and adjusted his pants, which were already falling down, before he gently placed his hands on Nino’s waist and helped him turn around to face him.

“Sit on the edge of the sink,” he said softly, slipping his hands down to the smaller boy’s ass to assist him in doing just that, and Nino looked dazed as he followed the direction, leaning his head against the rusting mirror behind him and grabbing awkwardly onto the edge of the fixture. But Sho helped him balance with his hip pressed between Nino’s legs while he struggled to open the condom with his hands, eventually sliding it onto himself the way his mom had shown him several years ago with a banana as an aid.

Finally ready, Sho took a deep breath and tried to mentally prepare himself for what was going to happen next.

Nino was almost limp and not being very useful, other than making whining noises in the back of his throat, so after a second, the older student lifted a naked thigh to drape Nino’s ankle over his shoulder and positioned himself at the exposed ass. Despite his crude preparation, the condom had enough lube on it to suffice and he began to slide in with a little effort on his part, Nino’s other leg immediately wrapping around his waist as the smaller man tensed.

“Are you okay?” Sho asked quietly, leaning close enough to brush his lips against Nino’s forehead as his breath caught.

“Yeah,” came the forced reply. Nino squeezed his eyes shut and moved one hand to grasp onto Sho’s neck, the other still awkwardly attached to the sink. “Don’t stop.”

Despite Nino’s command, Sho paused at various intervals, pushing back his own raging lust, but the heel on his lower back violently pulled him closer before he had made it in all the way by himself, and Nino winced. “Fuck me, for God’s sake,” the boy said in a slightly annoyed voice, and Sho decided that the easiest way to make him stop being a brat was to get him drunk with pleasure again.

Thrusting to comply, but still being somewhat sensitive to Nino’s reactions, Sho set his pace faster than necessary, and soon enough he had the younger student gasping and breathily begging for him do it harder.

“Fuckrightthere-“ Nino gasped, his body becoming rigid and eyes opening wide, and Sho chose that moment to kiss him, because he was being loud, but also because he could feel his own orgasm ready to break out and needed to express that somehow.

Moaning into Sho’s mouth, Nino’s free hand had found his cock and he came with the first touch, clenching around the older boy and sending him over the edge too.

Before he had come down from his high, Sho’s body was already moving, grabbing the edges of the condom as he pulled out and dropping it onto the floor, then politely helping Nino bring his leg back down and stand properly on the ground, even though the gamer basically fell against him like a drunkard.

“Sakurai-sempai…” Nino started in a dreamy voice, looking up at him with half-lidded eyes. “That was…” he trailed off, then sluggishly pulled Sho’s head down to kiss him.

The writer could still feel his blood pumping quickly through his veins and the warmth that was making his breath erratic. He was pretty sure he could do that again, and with the way Nino was clinging to him, it just might happen.

But suddenly there was a knock on the door, rattling the old glass, and the pair melted apart, both turning to the entrance with only a mild interest despite the three silhouettes visible outside.

Knowing who it was, Nino shuffled over to unlock the door and was met with Jun leaning against the wall, Ohno in the middle looking slightly confused with Sho’s notebook and pencil in hand, and Aiba on the other side grinning so widely it almost hurt to look at him.

“I knew it was you, Kazu,” Aiba started, but his expression dropped as he looked past his friend at Sho, who was distractedly trying to tuck himself back into his pants, although he found he actually didn’t care what state the other three students saw him in. Nino was standing half in the hallway in only his wrinkled white shirt, after all, but at least it was big enough on him to cover his front (it only covered half of his ass, but Sho didn’t mind). “Hey! You did steal my condom!”

“I assure you it was put to very good use-“ Nino began to reply, but Jun cut in with a snarky remark.

“Yeah, we could hear you all the way down the hallway. Harder! Harder!” he imitated Nino’s nasally voice in the troughs of lust and Aiba giggled at the impression before nodding avidly.

Ohno, looking only slightly more worried than the students flanking him (who didn’t look worried at all), opened his mouth to no doubt ask if Nino had been spying on them before, but before anything came out, the stringy first year interrupted.

“Ne, Ohno-sempai?”

The older boy blinked in surprise and gave his kohai his full attention.

“Can me and Sho-chan join art club?”

Sho’s initial reaction was to first argue with Ninomiya for making that decision for him, second, to wonder at the sudden change in nickname, and lastly to promptly ignore the first two. He couldn’t draw, after all, but if Nino was with him, there was nothing holding him back.

Except Jun and Aiba-chan didn’t exactly look ready to share their supervisor.

“Sure. We could use the members!” Ohno replied more enthusiastically than Sho had ever seen him, but the other two suddenly pushed forward to block their sempai from the other students, similar expressions on their faces.

“There are rules you know,” Jun said, crossing his arms and giving Sho and Nino pointed looks. “It’s not like you can just join-“

“Why not?” Ohno started to ask, but Aiba turned around and quietly ‘shh’ed him.

“That’s right,” the taller boy added as he returned his gaze to Sho and Nino, although the ex-journalist was fairly sure that Aiba didn’t actually know what Jun was talking about.

“First of all,” the youngest of the boys continued, pointing at each of the newcomers in turn, “don’t think because you’re older than me that you get seniority. You have to start at the bottom, since you’re only joining now.”

Nino folded his arms in irritation, but didn’t verbally argue with him.

“That means you don’t get the same benefits that we do,” Jun clarified, indicating himself and Aiba, and Sho immediately knew what the photographer was referring to despite his choice of words.

“Yeah, and no kissing Oh-chan either!” Aiba added in a huffy voice, immediately earning him a light hit on the head from both Jun and Nino.

“You’re an idiot,” the shorter one added and Aiba frowned. “What ‘benefits’ did you think Matsumoto was talking about?”

Nino didn’t wait for the answer and instead bent over to retrieve his clothing while Sho was trying to read Jun’s face to see if his second crush had revealed itself. Jun met his eyes right away and almost glared at him.

“I don’t know? Like I get to play Nino’s DS or something?” Aiba asked unsurely, turning back to Ohno with a questioning look, and the two of them began retreating into the hallway. “Or we get to watch them next time? Or wait!” he suddenly exclaimed, brightening up, “Next time I’ll make Sho-kun—“

“Sho-chan is mine, Aiba!” Nino suddenly yelled from the bathroom, where he was struggling to get his clothes on quickly, and the said star student was taken off guard by the sudden talk about him.

He wasn’t really sure what was in store for him now that he had joined the art club, but there was one thing Sakurai Sho knew for certain.

Jun was still glaring at him.


A/N: Special thanks to anyone who read/voted/entered the contest. :) I was surprised that so many people voted but that there were only two entries!

I don't want to be too negative, but I sort of feel like this was a re-hash of the "What Happens When..." series, with Arashi as high school students instead of idols... But I got it finished in time, and I won, so I'm happy. :) I've been posting a lot lately, haven't I? I still have a lot more and I might start posting my Ohba series soon. :))

As usual, comments are loved, as is criticism. Seriously, if you have something that can help me improve, TELL ME!! <3
risuw_chan: perfectrisuw_chan on October 5th, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
yay ohba series, really really can't wait
your ohba is the best, totally my favorite XDDD

already left comment in the community, hope it's okay to leave one more coz this fic deserve all my love <3
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 04:41 am (UTC)
Thanks for leaving another comment! At least I can respond here! :D

Aw, Ohba. :) They're too cute together, but sometimes that makes them hard to write... no drama... O: I'm glad you're looking forward to the series! Actually, I really like writing Ohba+Arashi, either sexually or not, because I think Aiba gets more playful~
Aya-chii: Adorablysyri_chii on October 5th, 2010 01:47 pm (UTC)
Yay! Finally, I can comment *hopefully proper one*

TOTALLY LOVE THIS! Because is Arashi almost orgy
I don't think this is a re-hash and I love that series too.. (so yeah, I'm kinda bias)
You're writing OhBa? I'm definitely looking forward to it. :)

Uh, sorry for a fail proper comment. ^^;;

bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 04:50 am (UTC)
Hee hee~ Thanks for leaving a comment! That's mostly the reason I reposted, so I could hear what everyone wanted to say. :)

I'm glad you liked it. I can't get enough of these pairings myself, so I'm definitely biased, too. :)
agnes_yunitaagnes_yunita on October 5th, 2010 02:12 pm (UTC)
Sex club in disguised as art club as in art of sex fufufufu
and matsun glaring at sho cause of nino? And yes orgy party
thank u
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 04:53 am (UTC)
Hah! Art of sex. That sounds like a good school club to belong to. ^.^

Matsujun glaring at Sho because Sho like Ohno?

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
nande_daiyonande_daiyo on October 5th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)

I love your SHo/Nino

It toally works and I read JunAibaNo just to read it XD

But that was good too. I mean I don't really read their parts carefully XD XD

But gosh I'm in love with your whiny needy Nino!

And congrats, you'd have won even there were three entries :D
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 04:55 am (UTC)
I can't get enough of needy/helpless!Nino. XD Is that bad? He's actually really snarky and adorable in real life, but whenever I write him I get the sudden urge to torture him.

Haha, thanks for making it through the other parts to get to Sho/Nino, and of course for your comment, too~ I hope everything's going good
nande_daiyonande_daiyo on October 7th, 2010 08:09 am (UTC)
I'm doing well :D

Keep on torturing him :D

It's funny I did get through them because I don't like AibaOhno Juntoshi OR JunAiba

(thoush I've written JunAiba before XD)

I actually stopped reading Storm Alliance because of the main pairing even though its such a wonderful fic. I don't have time to read much nowadays and whenever I do get tiem I either write or read my favourite pairings and there is enough Ohmiya in this world to fill LOTS of free time :(

I definitely want to read it during hols though. Hope she finishes by that time :D
bob lemonboblemon on October 7th, 2010 09:20 am (UTC)
I hope so too, but I'm not sure. She's been updating ever week though, right? She might finish by then. :)

Sooo much Ohmiya. You'll be busy for a while, yes...
chibipinkpetalschibipinkpetals on October 5th, 2010 07:22 pm (UTC)
oh this is just so so so...amazingly hot!
love your threesome and Sakumiya of course. Oh and jealous and possesive Nino and Jun, so much love :D

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bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 04:57 am (UTC)
Thanks a bunch for your nice compliment filled comment! :) I like possessive!Arashi, and it works so well with those two.
ff_stalker_chanff_stalker_chan on October 5th, 2010 07:34 pm (UTC)

I LOVE YOU !!!! <3<3
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 04:58 am (UTC)
XD Yes it was me~~~

I love you tooo~~
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LOL OMG I can't believe I didn't figure out it was you~~~

This was soooooo amazing, just.... Omg, you're wonderful~

Thank you and congrats~! :D
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 04:59 am (UTC)
Especially with the obvious pairings! And overuse of humor in sexual situations!! DX

Just kidding. :) Thanks for your nice comment! I'm glad you liked it so much.
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hahaha,i knew it. It's yours! XDDD
Love it till the point i want to peek them too!
Ahh... I always love your ohno. So submissive and loved by everyone. It's his role in the group. Fufufu.
Thanks for writing and congrats for your win :DD
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 05:01 am (UTC)
:DDD Thanks! I'm glad I won, even though I feel sort of cheap because there was only one other fanfiction entry besides mine... O:

I'm glad you like the way I write Ohno. :) I can't see him as anyway but what you pointed out, submissive, lovable, and sometimes a little confused. Arashi loves him so much, I can't stop writing him like this! <3
Ria: Aiba - Under the warm sunbitsy_chan on October 6th, 2010 08:39 am (UTC)

You know, you're actually the reason why Ohno/Aiba/Jun is now my OT3 you know? BUT THAT WAS A GOOD EFFECT AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT. ♥
Shitbricks, as usual, your smut is smokin' hot and I can't comment too long like before because I'm still trying to process its goodness in my head. ajfhjasbhfjHSFJAhsfjkahsfjkfhJ I LOVE THIS. ♥♥♥♥♥ /spams you hearts


Thank you, b! ♥
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
Wow, your comment made me giggle. I'm so happy I instilled that excitement in you. /happily accepts your spam

Seriously, I love Ohno/Aiba/Jun so much. Ohba is cute, but I think their tension rises when another member is with them, and Jun is just perfect for that role, since I think his attitude changes depending on who he is with. :) The series is going to be mushy and cute and happy just like Ohba should be.

Thanks for your awesome comment!! ^.^
yamashoyamasho on October 6th, 2010 09:20 am (UTC)
yeay sho-chan is mine and you got oh-chna aiba
haha it was priceless ne
and jun glaring huhu
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
Hee hee. I'm glad you liked it. :) Thanks for reading and your comment~
Alexxa Sickalexxasick on October 6th, 2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
I didn't read it before -_- I've been so busy I always told my self I'm going to read the entries later, in the night... no, in the morning... and then it was already over and I couldn't vote -_-

Well I'm able to read it now ^.^

congrats on winning I'm looking forward anything you write
bob lemonboblemon on October 6th, 2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
No worries. Stuff like that happens to me all the time. ): Especially when there's a lot to get through, ne?

Thanks for reading. :) I hope your not getting bored of my smut yet. XD
raersk110 on October 6th, 2010 07:55 pm (UTC)
Kya! Very hot and smexy. I love your juntoshimasaki trio and their characters were brought together so well. I also thought shonino pair came (haha) together nicely. i love the shy sho and bratty nino trying to get in sho chans pants. I would also love to see if sakuraiba happens or even sakuraibanino for their 'initiation'. I did think it was a bit like the 'what happens' series but doesn't bother me because its in a different setting and i love to imagine the boys in uniform. Hot. I perceived it as a one shot to fit the specificity of the contest and though i didn't participate (regretfully) I'm happy with the result of this fic and you winning as well

Omedetou. And can't wait for your next story! ♡ they always make me so happy.
bob lemonboblemon on October 7th, 2010 09:26 am (UTC)
Thank you~ Honestly, for this story, I started writing with an Arashi orgy in mind, meaning that there wouldn't be any distinct pairings at the end, and I seriously considered some Sakuraiba and NIno-whoring to be implied, but by the time I finished writing it, Jun and Nino sort of took over. DX Goddamn it Nino, why can't you be a whore like I want you to?!

I was hoping you would write something, but then again I might not have won if you entered. ^.^ *Nino brat mode*
deelovesryo: Aiba-Jun gotchadeelovesryo on October 6th, 2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
I really really loved it! I love Aiba x Jun and when Nino or Ohno is with them it's even better. I enjoyed Sakumiya too and they are not my cup of tea, but their scene was really exciting and I liked how Nino got Sho.
I would like to read more of this awesome art club, the five of them with Jun trying to control de situation, Aiba so worked up about their turns, Nino trying to keep Sho for himself but at the same time lusting the others and Sho eluding Jun to get his beloved Oh-chan.
Oh! I absolutely will read Ohba series, such a rare treat, I like them when the others are involved, they are so cute and relaxed together that I think they need the rest of the members to bring conflict like uneasiness or jealousy or something like that.
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it a lot <3
bob lemonboblemon on October 7th, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks so much for your sweet comment~

Actually, your interpretation of what would come after this was pretty accurate with what was in my head when I started. XD Everyone's got their own personality and with Arashi being Arashi, somehow there would be a lot of group love. :) But, alas, I don't think I'd be able to motivate myself to write without a plot, so this story will stay as is for now.

And Ohba seriously needs the other member to bring conflict!! They are so relaxed together that nothing would ever happen...=A= We can't have that!
Arisaarisa_draconis on October 7th, 2010 06:19 am (UTC)
Since you ended it in a manner that I think that it's a cliff hanger, WILL YOU PLEASE CONTINUE THIS? XDDDDDDDDD

I nearly choke myself when eating while reading this... I won't do that next time XD
bob lemonboblemon on October 7th, 2010 09:34 am (UTC)

You're comment was so silly!! I DON'T WANT TO KILL PEOPLE, please read fanfiction more carefully! XDXD

Hmm... unfortunately I don't think I'll be continuing this... ): Lots of stuff on my plate, fanfiction-wise, even though this was a cute universe. I'm sorry!
fancyann1974fancyann1974 on October 9th, 2010 10:46 pm (UTC)
oh wow oh wow
so hot and wonderful
thank you for sharing
bob lemonboblemon on October 10th, 2010 01:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading! I'm glad you like it!
明日を信じて進みたい: arashiwy_nike on October 18th, 2010 11:41 am (UTC)
congrats on the win!
i enjoyed reading this.
nicely smutty <3
i didnt feel like it was a re-hash tho...
but im hoping that there would be a sequel?
i wanna find out what would happen after they joined the club?
jun watching sho like a hawk?
sexual tension?

getting excited thinking abt it!

thanks for sharing ^^
bob lemonboblemon on October 18th, 2010 01:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading! Unfortunately I don't have a sequel planned for this right now...but I hope you can come up with some sexy ideas!

By the way, if you want to make a request for the drabble you can do so here: http://community.livejournal.com/saigo_no_lady/8358.html