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06 July 2011 @ 09:08 pm
Title: Curiosity
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ohno/(it's a mystery, but not Aiba) +Aiba
Genre: romance(?), humor(?), mystery(?)
Disclaimer: I guess Johnny’s technically owns Arashi, huh? Not me.
Summary: Uhm... Somehow everything above this looks questionable. I'm sorry. >_>; Very plainly put: Ohno's interested in having sex with a man, so Aiba sets something up for him. I know it's cruel, but why don't you try to guess who it is? ^__^

“I suppose I should take off my clothes?” he asked quietly, and Aiba smiled at him reassuringly from a few feet away, where he was collecting supplies for what was about to happen.

“That would be better, Oh-chan. Save us some time. Unless you want to be undressed…?”

Without a response, he started undoing the buttons of his shirt, trying not to feel Aiba’s eyes on him. It was strange, considering that the man almost knew more about his sex life than Ohno did; Ohno told him everything because that’s just the role Aiba played, for all of them, not only Leader, and Aiba had a surprisingly large amount of insight to the relationships that Ohno had been in, and had saved him more than once.

And Ohno trusted Masaki because if he didn’t, there was no way he would have gone through with this.

For him, it had started with a strange suggestion from his (ex) girlfriend several months ago. They had never gone through with it, and in fact had broken up only a few days later, but Ohno was curious, even if it was something that a man would do to another man, and he had never considered that option before.

Of course when he told that to Masaki, he had laughed, more at Ohno’s single-mindedness rather than the actual situation, and asked him if he wanted to have sex with a man.

Ohno wasn’t sure. He still wasn’t sure.

He had never done it before, so he didn’t know what to expect. He was curious, but didn’t it hurt? What would it be like to not be the one in control?

But, although he was in fact simply exploring his sexuality with a little support from Aiba, there had been something else that turned that simple, innocent curiosity into a monster.

“Actually, I know someone who wants to have sex with you, Leader. If you’re up for it.”

“With me?”

Aiba grinned back. “Could be awkward, though.”

Who was it? Ohno wanted to know so badly that he couldn’t think of anything else, could barely concentrate on work until a week later when he was standing here in Aiba’s apartment with his clothes half off of him.

But even though he wanted to know, he couldn’t disagree with the fact that it could be awkward, could be very damaging for him, Aiba, and whoever the last person was, because obvious Aiba trusted them enough with Ohno and Ohno trusted Aiba to not deliver him into a stranger’s grasps, especially in a venerable situation like this.

So they had made an agreement, the three of them with Aiba in the middle, that Ohno wouldn’t know; nothing at all.

“That should be good enough, Leader. He’ll be here soon,” Aiba said quietly, trying to sooth him unconsciously, and Ohno nodded, covered in only his boxers, which he couldn’t quite pull off as casually as the rest of his clothes.

With a little rearranging from Aiba, Ohno laid down on his bed, a small double mattress with a simple headboard, and Aiba slowly tied a scarf over his eyes, itchy and smelling like a campfire.

“You can’t see, right? Promise me you won’t lie,” Aiba giggled, and Ohno pressed on the cover tentatively with his hands to make sure it would stay in place, because he wasn’t the kind of person to cross that line of trust that Aiba was putting in him, despite how much he wanted to know about his secret admirer. He’d just have to use his other senses, because then no one could blame him for figuring it out. Maybe he’d be able to recognize their voice, although he didn’t know many of Aiba’s friends that weren’t Johnny’s.

“I can’t see anything, Aiba-chan.”

“Good. Now I’m going to tie your hands, so tell me if it’s too tight, okay?”

Ohno sensed Aiba moving over him, his legs pressing into Ohno’s thighs, and he could clearly make out his friend’s smell, the same one that was radiating off of every surface of this apartment. His hands were careful as he pulled Ohno’s wrists together, tying them just tight enough to keep them in place over his head, double checking the knots once before climbing off the bed again.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” Aiba asked in his breathy voice, to Ohno’s right, and just to be sure himself, he tested his strength on the binding, finding it to be almost perfect. “And you can’t see, right?” he added, as if he was having second thoughts himself about what he had set up.

“Don’t worry. It’s fine.”

And then the doorbell rang and Ohno’s whole body froze, a little tense at the sound, and anticipation suddenly washing over him. Would he like it? Was he meant to be with men, instead of women?

He could make out the subtle pad of Aiba’s feet on the carpeted floor, then the door opening in the other room, then a second pair of footsteps softer than Aiba’s.

Who was it? he thought again, running through faces in his head, trying to determine who it could be that wanted to have sex with him, and had told Aiba as much before Ohno even brought up the topic. Would it be one of Aiba’s comedian friends? A personal acquaintance that happened to be a big fan of Ohno’s? Would it be someone that Ohno even knew? He had no clues to go off of except what he was about to get right now.

The footsteps were coming closer, but Aiba was there too, chuckling softly, either at the other man or at Ohno’s stiff position in only his underwear trying to listen to everything he could.

“It’s fine,” Aiba whispered, although Ohno couldn’t tell who those words were meant for.

And then there was the barest noise of rusting clothes and Ohno turned his head just a little to hear easier. His breath had increased, his mouth half open to try to help the air flow, and his heart was hammering in his chest, loud enough that he was sure that sound was coming in through his ears too, open to the whole room.

The zipper was the loudest part of the whole thing, like a crash of thunder on a subdued night, and Ohno swallowed nervously.

He trusted Aiba. He trusted Aiba with his very life. They were working towards finding a solution.

And then the noises stopped and the bed dipped towards one side as the mysterious someone came closer and he could smell them a little, a very vague scent that crawled to him like it was as desperate to let Ohno know as he was to find out.

What was it? It seemed familiar somehow, but Ohno couldn’t think, couldn’t place it.

And then two hands were on his waist without warning, causing him to jump, but then gently petted his skin in a form of apology, and Ohno wondered if this man was planning on not saying anything all night in fear of giving himself away.

Must be someone he knew, then.

“Okay, Oh-chan we’re going to start,” said Aiba kindly as the hands tightened their grip on him, and then he felt Aiba’s own palm on the side of his face, the fingers calloused from his love of sports.

“You’re going to stay?” he replied quietly, not sure whether he liked the idea or not. He was actually very shy about his personal life, and while talking was one thing, this was completely another. Except that, with not knowing who this man was, maybe it was better if Aiba stayed then.

“I promise I won’t look… too much,” he chuckled back, then leaned down to kiss his head before turning his face to the other man and saying, “It’s really okay. He hasn’t changed his mind. Right, Oh-chan?” He suddenly turned back to him, his voice changing as his head rotated.

“That’s right,” he whispered in return, trying to face wherever he thought the other man was. How big were those hands? Did they feel calloused like Aiba’s? Were they manicured or hard with work?

He couldn’t really tell.

Aiba left him again, shuffling quietly a few feet back, and the hands slid up his stomach, lightly touching him all over his chest. They fitting into his curves and felt his skin as if they were afraid to do more than just that, but they seemed to get a little more confident after a second and brushed over his nipples quickly, up his collar and continued to his neck. Without waiting to hover on any specific area, they crawled over his jaw and finally rested on his lips, but he still couldn’t make out the way they felt and wondered if the man had planned it that way. But they were definitely a man’s, trimmed neatly and thicker than a woman’s.

Surprisingly Ohno was getting hard—fast. Although he couldn’t be completely sure, he thought it was because of the anticipation, not simply because he was tied up or doing it with someone he couldn’t see, but that it was someone who was interested in him, and a man.

Ohno parted his lips barely, so that the tips of the fingers were wetted with his saliva, and they seemed to hesitate for just a second before pulling away from him.

They ran back down his chest, faster than before, and landed on his waist, pushing his boxers down a few inches and making Ohno wiggle, his breath speeding up again just after he had almost gotten it under control. It seemed like foreplay was going to be skipped, probably because the whole point of this was the experience of sex… And from what Aiba had told him and Ohno was picking up on right now, the unknown man wanted to keep from making it too intimate.

He could smell him better now, sense movements a bit, and although the scent still wasn’t quite right for some reason, like he was missing the visual to associate with it, it smelled like pine and possibly cinnamon, but it was still so thin that the only reason it was standing out, likely, was that Aiba’s own was so familiar in this place.

As the elastic waist of his boxers caught on his half hard cock, exposing his pubic hair and possibly a bit more than that, Ohno suddenly gasped out, “Stop!”

He swallowed once, and the hands did indeed stop, although they stayed where they were and Ohno could almost feel two pairs of eyes on him (although he couldn’t confirm that feeling), and he thought he could trust this man too, if he was going to so willingly follow his requests.

“Kiss me,” he asked breathily, and wondered if feeling the lips would make this any easier.

There was an obvious hesitation, not only in waiting to do anything but also the way the weight of the man was awkwardly poised over him, as if wanting to more than anything but knowing if he did that it would give him away.

Please,” Ohno begged, desperate for this tiny opening, before they got down to the sex and he lost himself.

Finally, he came closer, the bed shifting with his weight once more and the air around them moving with it, and Ohno could feel the breath on his face, just as fast as his own, before the lips were on his, barely touching him.

Ohno parted his mouth and licked the bottom lip to encourage him, not willing to leave the caresses as shallow as they had been earlier, and there was a tiny gasp before his actions were returned, a tongue sliding across his own.

He tried to memorize the sound, to compare it to the sounds that he had heard before from everyone he knew in his head, but that task was too large and his brain was already distracted with the full lips as his disposal.

Another new thing, this kiss. The mouth was supple enough to belong to a woman, but there was a silent demand hiding behind it, a sense of authority that Ohno had never felt directed at himself, and the teeth were surprisingly strong, not delicate like a woman’s—

And then as soon as Ohno had felt just that much, the man pulled away, as if he knew that he was giving away too much, and once again Ohno tried to catch the breath that had been stolen from him.

“Thank you,” he let out softly, then licked his own lips unconsciously, knowing that he had never felt those lips before, at least not like that.

He knew this person, though. There was no mistaking it anymore, and although that should have been a relief to figure out, instead it only made Ohno curiouser.

As if in a question, the hands went back to his boxers, and Ohno nodded while lifting his hips at the same time, giving permission, and then they were pulled off in one movement, forcing Ohno to gasp as his cock shot up, completely hard now, and then blush as he was left completely naked and open to this man.

Was he looking at Ohno with unconcealed want? Was he barely containing himself, anxious to fuck him after waiting for so long—or knowing that he had been given an unexpected chance?

Ohno wished he could see those emotions right now.

“Oh-chan, he’s got to prepare you first, okay?”

Aiba’s voice was kind and a little heavy, and Ohno nodded so that he didn’t have to reveal his unsteady voice.

A few more noises made their way to his ears, and with a little bit of thought he realized it was probably the lube being passed and a condom broken open. Would it be just as easy for Ohno to put that on the man as it was to put it on himself? He was curious about that too.

Then the fingers were running up the inside of his thighs from his knees, making him shiver and spread his legs a little wider, and the man slipped between them. Ohno subtly rested his calves on his thighs, feeling the skin but not knowing anything other than he wasn’t an outrageously fat man—but he figured that out that already.

Once they made it all the way, the touches lingered on his ass, at least the very bottom of his cheeks where they were pressed again the bed, before one of the hands pulled away, the other gently petting the pale skin of his leg near his entrance.

Aiba had already told him what to expect—that it would probably hurt a bit, especially because it was his first time, but to relax and it would get good, that Aiba would make sure it felt good and if Ohno wanted to stop all he had to do was say something. And now he knew that both of the other men would follow his request without hesitation.

With a small warning from some other fingers brushing his skin before one started pushing inside of him, Ohno bit his lip and forced himself to loosen up, imagining the man’s sweet mouth around his cock, bobbing up and down and flicking his tongue in just the right way.

“That’s good, Oh-chan, just relax.” From where Aiba’s voice drifted it was close and he was obviously watching, causing Ohno to tense just a little, but as soon as he felt himself tighten around the finger almost completely inside of him, he managed to force himself to calm down. It was far more comfortable like that.

He felt the man shift, bringing Ohno’s leg into his free arm, and as his second finger started joining the first, he pressed his lips to the inside of Ohno’s knee, adjusting his weight so that he could continue to trail the kisses upward.

That caused him to let out a small groan, because keeping quiet wasn’t part of the rules they had set, although the fact that the man hadn’t said anything was making him shy about being vocal, but Ohno was getting into it and he couldn’t stop the sounds when that happened.

Suddenly a hand was on his forehead, pushing away his hair, which was wet with sweat, but it was Aiba’s calloused fingers, tender and concerned. He could recognize Aiba’s hands in a second, but he still couldn’t place the other man’s, the one who was touching him more intimately than anyone ever had before.

“I’m okay,” he gasped, letting out another noise as the second finger was completely inside of him, making his lower body tremble a bit with the addition of the man’s lips, which were sucking at the hidden skin of his inner thigh.

And then a spark of pleasure shot through him and Ohno tensed, his lips parted in surprise, letting out another small moan.

The fingers ran over that area again, making him continue to gasp and twitch, pulling at his bound hands for the first time since the other man had joined them.

Aiba chuckled lightly next to his face, then pulled back again, and when Ohno was finally able to take a breath and force his ass to release their tight hold on the fingers, becoming loose once more.

He wasn’t teased any more but the fingers scissoring open, and the mouth was gone but the hand was wandering around his stomach now, brushing the base of his cock just barely and Ohno was more worked up than he’d been in a while.

“Are you ready Oh-chan?” Aiba’s voice was still low, his presence still close, and Ohno nodded desperately, licking sweat off of his upper lip in an attempt to calm himself again after getting so excited.

The fingers left and instead trailed up his skin to his knee, pulling them up with strong arms on both sides and Ohno swallowed as he felt himself be lifted, and the man came closer, positioning his dick and that was about to be inside of him.

That was right, he was about to be fucked by another man.

His breaths shallowed out, becoming faster, and Ohno bit his lip again, but it was too late to say anything and he didn’t want to anyway because he had already made his decision and knew now that he would have no regrets.

Of course the cock was bigger than the fingers and it took a second for Ohno to adjust, but excitement was pulsing through his whole body and he wanted this so badly, even though he wanted the man’s face too, his expressions, his sounds.

“Hah… Hah…” he panted out before pausing to take a deep breath and swallow, and Aiba was petting his face again, wiping away his sweat, checking to make sure he was okay no doubt.

But he couldn’t say anything to reassure him this time, only jerking as the cock pushed deeper inside of him, opening him up and making every nerve in his body stand on edge.

Once he felt the hips close to him they paused, and he added the fact that this man was kind to the sparse list of things he knew about him. With a lot of work, mostly provided by the fact that he liked this much better than he ever could have dreamed and wanted things to continue on well so he could meet this mystery man and maybe ask for his number (… if he didn’t already have it), Ohno relaxed in only a few second and starting pushing back insistently. At least as much as he could.

He was understood, though, because the thrusts started, although shallowly, and he moaned again, probably something like please, and tried to get some leverage with his feet, but they were up in the air, held by the man, and there was nothing he could do but tremble.

There were other noises besides his own, though, and even though he wasn’t in any state to be continuing his detective work, he could make out the heaving breathing of the man, although it was almost hidden by the low growl that Aiba was making in his throat, and there was the scent of sweat wafting in the air too, but that could have been either of them as much as the man Ohno didn’t know.

What really surprised Ohno about the whole thing was how intense it was. He had assumed it would be awkward, at least a little, and possibly uncomfortable, but instead it was smooth and passionate and maybe that, in fact, was the part that Ohno had been missing from his previous relationships, leaving him wanting for more. This person wanted him, cared about him, maybe even loved him, and even though the only thing Ohno had to go off of were sounds and touches, he could already feel those emotions clear as day.

The grip on his legs tightened a little and the thrusts sped up, going deeper inside of him when he thought they had already started as far as they could go, and Ohno was moaning again like he was singing, note after note and it wouldn’t stop even when his throat was dry because pleasure was soaring through him again and he had never felt like this before.

He tried to get out some plea because he wanted to come, wanted someone to touch him, but it wouldn’t come out past the moans on his lips, and he was pulling at the bonds again, but they were just barely too tight and wouldn’t let him go.

And then Aiba giggled, “Let me take care of that for you,” right next to his ear, accompanied by a kiss on the cheek, and Ohno’s head shot back as Aiba did just that, wrapping his hard hand around his erection and pulling up.

With his lack of sight, it was easy to tell the difference in Aiba’s breathing, and he wondered if he was jerking off to them, but he didn’t care if he was, and in fact maybe it turned him on just a bit, and Ohno wished he had a name to yell out as he came, a face to place with the mind blowing pleasure originating from his ass of all places, but he didn’t so he only continued his moaning, his voice getting louder and louder until his breath caught and his whole body stiffened in absolute pleasure.

And then he heard it, as he tightened around the cock inside of him, a small ahh that couldn’t be contained from the man, but Ohno’s head was swimming and he couldn’t use the moment to his advantage, so instead he just burned the voice into his memory.

The room fell silent after that, the subtle noises from all of them fading into nothing, except Ohno could hear his own breathing, feel his own pounding heart.

The man steadily let down his legs onto the bed, slipping out of him and leaving Ohno surprisingly empty, contrasting his mind-blowing experience.

Taking a few deep breaths and trying to calm down, Ohno simply laid there while Aiba’s hand was at his face again, wiping away the sweat that had built up once more. He asked, “Was it good, Leader?”

It took a second to find his voice, paying too much attention to the man’s movements, which were getting farther away, so he nodded instead, then added just to be clear, “It was really good.” He hoped the man heard it, that it made him smile.

Then the weight from the bed was completely gone and Ohno swallowed, wondering when Aiba was going to take off his blindfold. It was good, so there was no reason to not find out who it was. He was only a little closer to figuring it out than he had been when they started, but the curiosity was still as strong—stronger even.

“Just wait a second, Oh-chan,” Aiba replied with a smile in his voice, and there were more movements and sounds from the side of the bed, although Ohno was too tired and impatient to try figuring them out.

And then the door clicked and Ohno’s whole body was on edge until Aiba started to untie him, taking off his blindfold and undoing the knots on his arms.

He wasn’t there anymore.

“Who was it?” Ohno asked weakly, already spent from his orgasm and now spiraling into exhaustion, since he wouldn’t find out the answer to his question if Aiba’s mischievous smile was anything to go by.

“He told me that he didn’t want you to know anyway. That it would still be too awkward.”

“I know him that well?” Ohno replied quietly, closing his eyes and sinking into the pillow under him, trying not to fall asleep so he could interrogate Aiba closer, but being unable to when his body was so spent.

And Aiba did look like he wanted to say something in reply, a flicker of amusement in his eyes, but he didn’t and just caressed Ohno’s face lightly.

“I’m glad you liked it, Leader,” he changed the topic of conversation, pulling the blanket up over him even though Ohno tried to keep it off, knowing the extra heat would put him under in an instant.

He managed to get out, “Let’s do it again. With him,” before his eyes closed, and as he drifted off to sleep he heard Aiba’s reply, which had nothing to do with the man at all.

“I’ll make something to eat when you wake up, okay?”


Ohno tried to question Aiba more when he got up, but the man didn’t give and he wasn’t surprised, since he kept all of Arashi’s secrets, even from each other. And Ohno gave in, hoping that the hints he had received would be enough to spur his own investigation.

A man, probably around his age, close to Aiba, smelling lightly of pine and possibly cinnamon, with hands that weren’t rough but gentle and full lips that were good for kissing. Chances were that he was strong and had a bit of stamina, but that wasn’t completely certain, and despite all of these hints there were countless people that fit the description.

But Ohno knew that the man loved him, and so that (maybe) narrowed it down a bit. No doubt it would be easier to see with the shove he’d been given, since he’d never considered dating a man before Aiba had suggested it.

And he wanted to find this man pretty badly, not only to sate his curiosity, but also to inquire about a possible second time (maybe without Aiba), and if everything went well, perhaps even dating, assuming Ohno liked the man as much as the man obviously liked him.

He started the second he finished his meal, looking around Aiba’s apartment as subtly as he could for any other clues, but there was nothing left behind from the tryst, and even Aiba’s framed pictures were the same as before, a few of his family and several of Arashi, not giving any insight to who this man could be. Some of Nino’s game consoles were hooked up in front of the TV, but that wasn’t unusual, and there were even a few movie’s that Jun might have left, and a newspaper that could have belonged to anyone (or Sho) as well as Aiba. But Ohno was sure that, if the man had taken so many precautions while they were having sex, he wouldn’t have left anything behind to give him away either.

It would have been nice to follow Aiba around to see who he talked to and who he messaged on his phone, but that was obviously impossible with their different schedules and a breach of trust anyway, so Ohno had to settle with just seeing who came into Arashi’s room to talk to him when they were together.

The next day it was only another actor who had been in the same studio at the same time and wanted to thank Aiba for something (which made Ohno suspicious, but he didn’t know this guy at all, so he thought that in the end it probably wasn’t him, and besides he looked pretty stringy). There were also a few women and the makeup artist, but those were all discounted immediately, although Ohno listened intently (even if he probably didn’t look like it) when Aiba said he was going out drinking with some of his friends tonight.

What if it was a drinking party to say thank you for letting me have sex with Leader?

Of course Aiba would never taken a bribe for Ohno’s man-virginity, he was too nice for that, but if the mystery lover liked it as much as Ohno had, he would definitely feel indebted to him and want to do something to return the favor.

“Yep, and of course Shimura’s going to pay again, I’m sure—“ Aiba started to giggle, and Ohno froze.

No way it could be Shimura!

It actually took several seconds for Ohno to get over that thought and tell himself that Shimura was a bit wrinkly and that it would be obvious if he were the one to have sex with him. The hands were smooth and lips full, two features that Shimura Ken was obviously lacking.

But speaking of Shimura… maybe it was Daigo? Ohno wouldn’t call him exactly close to Aiba, but they’d worked together for several years and had been out a lot as far as Leader knew, and probably more that he didn’t…

Ohno himself, though, hadn’t ever properly met him, so it would have to be a pretty intense crush for Daigo to push it that far… but not inconceivable, plus he fit the image Ohno had conjured.

Although he wasn’t really sure he could bring himself to love such a…loud man. Aiba had his cute and coherent moments, at least.

It would be unreasonable to continue on without giving him a chance to prove his love, though, so Ohno asked his manager to make a phone call or two to set up a formal meeting, but promptly found out that Daigo was several prefectures away and had been since the weekend.

Ohno took a breath of relief, even though he hadn’t gotten much closer to his answer.

The next guess came a few days later when Nino caught Aiba messaging Toma (with an apparently questionable topic) and Ohno actually thought he was a good candidate for the description he had made in his head. A little bigger than Ohno was, close enough to Aiba that he would be trusted and he knew Ohno pretty well… in fact, he had hero-worshipped him almost as bad as Jun had. And he was definitely shy enough to want to keep the whole thing anonymous after all…

So when, by chance, Ohno happened to see him around the jimusho the next day, he stopped him with a light smile, but instead of looking guilty or nervous, Toma just appeared confused. Ohno offered to buy him a cup of coffee, but by the time their twenty minute get-together was over Ohno knew that this wasn’t the man that he was so interested in. Toma, although he heavily admired him, didn’t love Ohno like the description in his head said he should.

They parted happily and Ohno ran into Kame five minutes later, but although they awkwardly caught up for a moment and the younger man was smiling at him shyly, Kame’s hands were calloused just like Aiba’s, so it was obvious it wasn’t him either (plus his hair was too long, although he could have pulled it back while they had had sex).

After all this thinking though, Ohno had come to the conclusion that it was probably someone within Johnny’s Entertainment, because they were basically the only people that Ohno and Aiba had in common as friends, plus an idol fit Ohno’s image of the man better than just about any other sort of person.

But even after narrowing down his field that much he was still having a hard time coming up with someone, particularly because he was so convinced the man was in love with him enough that it would be obvious (or at the very least he was shy, so having Ohno confront him head on should leave him stuttering and grasping for excuses).

The issue was still bothering him enough that he began to hang around the dance studios and offices more than he usually would, at least for a day or two until he finally gave up after only one suspect.

(He’d found Yamapi practicing by himself, and he looked quite flustered when he discovered Ohno watching him dance, which ignited his curiosity and brought him closer, especially when he realized Yamapi was from Chiba just like Aiba! And that must obviously make them good friends, even if Ohno didn’t see it.

So he asked Yamapi to show him what he was working on, which the younger man did with a little more convincing, and Ohno thought he was closing in, because Yamapi beamed when Ohno complimented him and tried a few of the moves himself, then shyly declined when invited out for drinks that night. His excuse was pretty good, but Ohno wasn’t going to let him get away, almost convinced he had found his dream lover, so he kissed him quickly, causing Yamapi to fall to the floor clutching his chest and blushing from ear to ear, and that’s when he noticed that he smelled quite like daisies, so strongly that it would be difficult to cover up at all.

Plus the lips were all wrong.

So he apologized for scaring him and immediately lost interested, leaving a dumfounded Yamapi staring at his back as he left.)

A week later, Ohno was exhausted with trying so hard even though he had made only the barest of progress. If he wasn’t so God damn curious he would have given up a while ago, but now it was a personal mission as much as it was to find a new relationship.

The next time they had filming, he had a list of questions to ask Aiba, hopefully when he was distracted enough to answer a few before he realized where Ohno was going with it, but it was hard to do when all of the other members were in the room and Aiba was too caught up in sharing the details of his latest trip for the show he co-hosted with them. Plus the fact that Nino had already stuck himself to his side like a remora to a shark.

What was he going to do while Aiba was gone? Maybe he could call him in the middle of the night, blurt out a random question in hopes of getting him mostly unconscious… or maybe he should take him out drinking before he left, because he couldn’t stand waiting even another three days, although it seemed like this was a much more long-term project than he had initially anticipated.

When Nino took his hand, as casually as usual, he suddenly thought about the man he was so avidly pursuing and his mysterious smooth hands. But Nino’s hand was very different, a little chubby, smaller, and fit in his own perfectly while he thought the other ones would curve around his fingers a bit more.

But this brought a strange question to mind. What if the man wasn’t just Aiba’s friend and in Johnny’s, but in fact… in Arashi.

That thought made Ohno nervous, mostly because he knew his friends well enough that he was confident he would know if one of them was in love with him…

Actually, though, they all loved him, and he loved each of them in turn, so maybe that was hiding deeper or at least sexual feelings well enough that Ohno hadn’t noticed it before. The fact that his close friends, his family for over a decade of his life, might want him, though, made him self-conscious, and continually more curious.

It wasn’t Aiba, obviously, since he had been with him at the same time the man had been there, and no doubt would have told him upfront instead of hiding his identity from him, especially when Ohno showed how interested he was. It wasn’t Nino either, foremost because the hands were different, and secondary because he was also fairly sure Nino would have just come out and suggested it, not bothering to hide himself from Ohno because even if they did have sex and Ohno didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be awkward afterward.

On the other hand, both Jun and Sho would likely want to keep their identity secret about the whole thing, because both were shy on some level, although Ohno had hoped they wouldn’t be that way with him after they had been together for so long.

Then again, it wasn’t every day you had sex with the leader of your idol group.

Ohno bit his lip, watching the two of them as they prepared to start filming, waiting in the green room.

They looked the same as always. As far as Ohno could tell, all of them had been completely normal around him, even after the incident at Aiba’s house. That made him frown, wondering if he’d made a mistake or if the man was actually that desperate to hide himself.

Now Aiba was grinning at his phone while Jun was telling Sho a story about going out drinking two nights ago and they were both laughing casually, Jun flicking a pen around his finger unconsciously.

It fit the description. Somewhat slender and soft, since Jun’s preferred outdoor activities were running and hiking, and although he was always decked out in rings, those could have been easily taken off.

But Sho’s fingers matched too, not quite as long as Jun’s, but smooth and well kept.

And although Sho’s mouth was slightly poutier than Jun’s, they were both within the range that Ohno had made for the man’s sweet lips as well.

“Are you jealous that Sho’s on the receiving end of Jun’s latest story, or do you just feel bad for him? I can’t tell,” Nino whispered in his ear with a smile and broke Ohno out of his deductions (not that he had really gotten anywhere).

“Just thinking Sho-chan has nice lips,” Ohno said his thoughts automatically, and he saw everyone in the room turn to look at him in various levels of surprise, but then Nino started laughing so the rest of them did too.

Sho was blushing when Ohno met his eyes, and Jun didn’t seem anything but amused.

Maybe he was getting closer after all.


After filming they were all exhausted, but Aiba had another job, and Nino left as early as he could. Sho was on set talking to the director for a minute, so Ohno was left alone with Jun, who had slung his arm over his shoulder so they could support each other as they walked back to the green room.

When Ohno realized that he was smelling pine, he stiffened, although his feet didn’t stop.

“Jun, what’s that smell? Is it you?”

“Hmm?” He sniffed the air as if trying to pick out what Leader meant. “Probably. I’ve been using incents at home before I go to bed at night.”

Ohno was confused. He pushed himself flush against his friend, but Jun didn’t even seem to notice, let alone react. He just supported him a little better and basically dragged him behind him.

“It’s supposed to help you sleep better, right? Isn’t that what Sho said?”

Ohno blinked up at him, and Jun raised his eyebrow.

“…Would you like to try some?” he asked in an unsure voice, obviously not sure why he was so interested, but Ohno shook his head and stood on his own feet, going through the door before Jun could.

After that comment he was sure, but he had to be absolutely positive.

He started walking towards the table while making a quick plan, then paused and turned back to his friend, who was putting a notebook back into his bag.

“Jun, I sort of need to talk to Sho-chan…” he started quietly with his best innocent look, and Jun just smiled, apparently glad he wasn’t being weird anymore, and nodded, collecting his things as fast as he could and leaving the room just as Sho walked in.

“See you later, Leader.”

“Thanks, Jun,” he replied in a sing-song voice, then watched Sho, who was glancing back and forth between them as Jun closed the door behind him. When he was gone, he could only look at Ohno, who was staring back with an intense expression.

After a full five seconds of silence, Sho turned away shyly and began collecting his stuff, trying to make a conversation to break the tension.

“Filming was good today, wasn’t it Satoshi?”


He stepped up behind Sho, who was leaning over a chair, and grabbed one of his hands in both of his, examining it while Sho’s head shot around to look at him with confusion.

“Sho-chan has nice hands too, doesn’t he?”

“Satoshi, you’re acting a bit—“

As Sho turned to face him, although to what end it wasn’t obvious, Ohno couldn’t help himself. He pulled Sho’s wrist with one of his hands so that his arm was open and firmly pressed the other one against the crotch of his pants, soundly fondling him.

Of course Sho stiffened automatically, but before he could hold it in a small Ahh fell off of his lips, the same sound that Ohno had been running through his head for the past week.

Ohno smiled at him. There was only one more thing to confirm.

Pushing himself up on his toes, he leaned forward and took those plump lips for himself, and indeed they were the same sweet, sensual ones that had been on his before.

The two of them kissed for a second, Sho tense at first but obviously giving in once he realized he’d been found out, and then he wrapped his arms around Ohno’s waist and allowed the insistent tongue to push past his lips and across his prominent teeth.

When he thought he had given enough, Sho ended the touch, although his hands stayed attached in place, and his face was bright red, but a smile that wasn’t going to leave anytime soon was plastered to his mouth.

“How’d you find out?”

“I think the better question is,” Ohno replied slowly, “Did you really think you could keep it from me?”

Sho looked sheepish for a second, not meeting Leader’s gaze, then mumbled with a slightly amused tone, “It seemed like you were having a pretty hard time…” And that earned him a smack on the head, and Ohno backing out of his grip to pout.

Of course Sho immediately had an apologetic look on his face and slowly came after him as Ohno completely turned and walked a few feet away.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—“

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Ohno asked quietly. Even though he had found out who his mystery lover was, he still had a hundred questions, more than he probably would have had it not been Sho.

There was a short hesitation before he replied, “I didn’t think Masaki would tell you. He only told me what was going on after he’d already made all the plans,” with a guilty tone.

Ohno habitually shuffled some papers lying on the table near him, trying to escape the emotions that were suddenly overtaking his curiosity and the satisfaction of having it sated, and clarified, “I meant that you even wanted to do it in the first place.”

There was another silence, one that said Sho thought the reason was obvious but that he would still tell him anyway.

“You like women, Satoshi.”

After taking a few seconds to consider the explanation, Ohno finally turned back to him and looked him straight in the eyes, noticing sadness that had never been apparent before.

“Because I’ve only ever dated women?” he prompted with a serious expression, and he could tell that Sho hadn’t thought there would be a counter-argument.

“Of course.”

“Well. Let’s change that, then,” he whispered in return and stepped back to Sho, invading his personal space so that they were only a few inches apart. Sho looked anxious but didn’t retreat and even went as far as to put his hands back on Ohno’s waist, as if they were simply teasing each other like they did on their variety shows every week… and when they left the greenroom, those feelings would stay behind. Ohno needed to prevent that.

Closing his eyes and leaning towards Ohno’s ear, Sho whispered unsurely, “What if you don’t like it, Satoshi? What if it doesn’t work?”

“We won’t know unless we try,” he assured him, rubbing his back gently and leaning his head against Sho’s shoulder in a comfortable position. “Besides, even if we break up after, nothing will change. I’ll always love Sho-chan no matter what.”

The arms around him tightened and Sho sighed. Ohno knew that meant he had given in to him, even if he didn’t think it was a good idea and even if he was still worried about the whole thing. But Ohno believed what he said, that even if it didn’t work out in the end that Arashi would still be Arashi.

Besides, if they didn’t try at all, Ohno would have to live with that curiosity for the rest of his life.

“Fine, you win, Satoshi,” Sho whined, but there was a playful tone to his voice that made Ohno relax and smile at him.

“Great. To commence our relationship we should go back to your place and have sex again… without Aiba watching this time.”

Sho’s eyes widened a bit in surprise at Ohno’s lack of subtlety, but after an additional kiss (that lasted more than five minutes) he was easily convinced to pack up his things as quickly as possible, and even insisted on taking a taxi so they wouldn’t have to wait for his manager.


A/N: Did you make it? I know how annoying it can be to not post the pairings... So I hope it was fun rather than a bother. :) Who did you think it would be? Right after the scene and when I started giving "clues"?

By the way, this was a request by yarukizero who I can never deny because she's too lovely, inspired by this NEWS story, with of course her one and only favorite, Ohno. I didn't originally write it to be a mystery, but that's how it happened, so I thought I'd try posting it that way too. :) It came out surprisingly fast while I'm still struggling to write anything else. :\

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I knew it was someone in Arashi, had guessed Kazu first but I guess I was wrong XDDD
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Because Nino's sneaky like that?

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Somehow I thought it was Sho since the beginning xD even before I started to read, even if some parts of my brain said 'it's jun' now and then xD my subconscious said it was Sho xD

it was really, really hot, more than usual xD
and Ohno trying to find who was his secret lover was hilarious~<3

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Anyway, thanks for your comments like always. :)
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ha ha well in any case I guessed it! *proud* I thought Sho or Jun from the physical description, and was pretty sure it was Sho after reading about the pine and cinnamon scent---probably from his pillow that smells like the forest! I really liked the whole "mystery" aspect to this, it was fun
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:DD Same brain-wave! Somehow recently I've been associating Sho with earthy-ness because of that comment from the Bee man. XD And I thought someone really did say incents...?

I'm glad the mystery part was fun and not a pain, haha! Thanks for reading. ^__^
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XD He just wanted to have fun!

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Omg Yay! My beloved Yama pair! xDDDDDDDDDD!!!!
I started to get as impatient as Ohno to find out. But I seriously lol-ed when he thought it was either Daigo, Toma, or Yamapi. Ohno prolly scared and scarred Yamapi. Well anyway, while I was reading my biased came in and I thought "it could only be either Sho or Jun" so I was really really anticipating and wishing it were them. At the end you don't know how happy you made me! xD I fit was Nino, well... it was funny when Ohno decided that the man wasn't fat. Nino would've seriously fit that. He's too skinny anyway :p

Okay, now to the smex with Sho. Omg, that is SO why I love Yama pair. You totally had that in here. Sho is so caring during his lovemaking. And he would seem so shy that he wouldn't tell. When you think back to the smut and put Sho in, my heart overwhelms. Oh SHO~! Always so adorable.
Ohno as a detective is cute though.
bob lemonboblemon on July 7th, 2011 12:57 pm (UTC)
Yama pair yay!

Yamapi was fun~ Somehow I really want to put him with Ohno but can't think of a good situation. But, I'll say he was just confused by Ohno, but then again Ohno has that effect right? I'm sorry you were impatient, but it seems like you got a lot out of this story. ^__^ So I'm happy.

Wow, so I read this again thinking specifically about Sho, like a third person point of view instead of Ohno's, and it was completely different...! A little hard to read because of Ohno's thoughts, but Sho really fit that character, huh? I'm so glad it was successful.

Thank you for reading and your wonderful comment!
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Wow, you're so nice to me. I really think it's your intuition that you could read Sho's character from that. ^__^ I felt like Jun would be similar, but there would be some differences if I was thinking about him instead of Sho, right?

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I lol-ed hard when Ohno suspected Yamapi and even gave him a little "service". me waaants XDD
and I guessed it wrong, thought it was Jun, but apparently it wasn't. but Yama is <3333333
it made my day. thanks for writing! :D
bob lemonboblemon on July 7th, 2011 01:24 pm (UTC)
I want to write some Yamapi/Ohno but I can't think of a good idea. >_< It ended up coming out in this a bit, though, with Ohno's weird investigation.

Not Jun, but the two of them were close in my head too. ^__^ And I put in that fake there at the end, haha. But it ended up being Sho.

Anyway, thanks for reading and your comment!
xanithofdragonsxanithofdragons on July 7th, 2011 04:45 am (UTC)
I didn't really know who it was until the reveal. As much as I love mysteries, I'm probably not good at solving them. T_T

It was really fun to read the sex scene without knowing who it was, so I think something like mystery pairings works really well for this.
bob lemonboblemon on July 7th, 2011 01:28 pm (UTC)
No problem. The whole point is to enjoy the fic right? Even if you didn't solve the mystery until the very end. :)

But really, I guess you could pretend it was whoever you wanted and just not read the rest, haha. XD Because mystery pairings are good for that.

Anyway, thanks for reading!! <3
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if this is considered a spam, you can spam me as much as you like <3
i'm so happy that it turned out to be yama. well, at first i misread the pairing as ohba, when it got in the middle, then i realize that it's definitely not ohba.
so i started hoping for sho or jun xD
then it turned out to be yama (≧ω≦)
i love the 'mystery' concept, where ohno was blindfolded and didn't have the slightest idea about his secret admirer.
and it's cute how he count on scent, the hand, and the lips to search for his mystery man.
and he even kissed yamapi xD yamapi must think that arashi riida was crazy or pervert after that.

the way he discovered sho-chan was also hilarious. shy sho was cute and adorable
and how riida lacks of subtlety and make a move towards sho is kakkoii. i love your version of riida

thanks for another great fic written. will be waiting for another great one from you

bob lemonboblemon on July 7th, 2011 01:42 pm (UTC)
I wondered if the pairing would be confusing because it was +Aiba. XDXD Because he was watching. So obviously the mystery person couldn't be him, haha.

For me, more than just the fact that it was a "mystery person" I liked the write that it was a secret admirer, because then it means even more right? And makes you curious to who it is? So he tried really hard even though he made a lot of mistakes because he wanted to find out. Like Yamapi, haha, that was really fun.

Somehow I picture Ohno as passive until he wants something. So that's what happened again. Thanks for reading!
jellybean6972: Arashijellybean6972 on July 7th, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
Yay~ it was Sho! :D
I was hoping it was him and I envisioned it was him :b

"Detective" Ohno was cute XD

Thanks for sharing :D
jellybean6972: Arashijellybean6972 on July 7th, 2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
Oh and I forgot to mention, I liked Aiba's role :)
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loove yama story so much <333
they're like perfect couple in arashi^^
glad that sho is the one, thanks for this^^
bob lemonboblemon on July 10th, 2011 05:31 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading! I really like Yama too, they're so adorable together and old--man-ish. XD
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Yama! So cute that Aiba is their secret keeper

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Thanks for reading! The three of them are all cute together, ne~